Elegant Surprises Weddings Planning, LLC.

Definition of Titles


The Wedding Director - Attends the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.  She makes sure the bride gets down the aisle in one piece.  She also may attend to some of the details at the reception, but will have very few actual consultations with the bride.  When hiring the Wedding Director it is expected that the bride will make all the arrangements with her vendors.  Then the Wedding Director will pull it together on wedding day.  The director should have a copy of each contract that the bride has made with vendors.  Why?  Because she must know what has been contracted before she can guarantee that everything will go as planned.  Normally a flat fee is charged along with a two hours consultation fee. The Wedding Day Director spends the least amount of time with the bride.

The Wedding Coordinator – Helps the bride plan and coordinates all the major and/or minor details for the rehearsal, wedding, reception and honeymoon.  Usually, the coordinator is hired by the woman who does not have the time to plan the wedding herself.  She is perfect for the bride who lives out of town, is working, attending school or both.  The coordinator is a wealth of knowledge and creativity on where to find your best vendors.  Usually the initial consultation is complimentary.  Wedding Coordinators bill hourly or in some cases a flat rate.


The Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planner - Is an adviser! She tells the bride all the things that she will need and when she needs them.  She supplies the bride with a list of her recommended vendors. She arranges and attends meetings with vendors and   assists the bride with making decisions.  The Bridal Consultant/Wedding Planner manages a detailed budget to help keep the bride on track and creates an itinerary for the bride to follow during her planning stages.