Elegant Surprises Weddings Planning, LLC.

What Makes Us Different

We believe that Elegant Surprises offers the most convenient, flexible and stress-free solution to planning your wedding! 

This is a truly amazing time in your life, and we firmly believe that it should remain this way. The often daunting responsibility of familial demands and expectations, coupled with the stressful financial burden of the event can sometimes get in the way of the enjoyment of planning, and experiencing your wedding! 

Many brides are attracted by the idea of a wedding planner to help them through this process, to steer them around pitfalls and to help them enjoy their day without obsessing over the details. However, many brides are understandably wary of planners who may charge percentages of total cost, or whose costs spiral out of control. We do NOT work in this way. We will discuss your needs up front, and agree on the type and scope of wedding planning help you require. A fee will be agreed to up front. 

Would not it be great to know that you have a wedding expert to guide you through the process and you know in advance exactly what she will charge? 

We would love to meet with you so we can listen to your wedding dreams.